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α Climate Action

α climate action but, s/he indorsed the sheen focuses on raising awareness and initiating real action to mitigate life-threatening risks driven by more frequent, unbearable heatwaves and potential flooding caused by global warming. We targeted two cities as our starting points: Athens and Amsterdam.

but, s/he indorsed the sheen will be conducted in two parallel phrases.

We dedicated the 1st phase to the physical surface modification of one community center in Athens.

1st Phase

We will bring self-cooling green gardening on the roof to modulate its temperature and help the building reach a self-cooling state.

It will reduce electricity consumption from air conditioning systems in the building and, therefore, reduce carbon emissions from gross electricity production.

We will transform the self-cooled building into a virtual twin and use it as a start point to develop an immersive video environment. The purpose of transforming reality into virtuality is to build the empathic relations of two cities, two spaces, two times, and two tribes of people who share similar biological bodily limits towards heat.  

2nd Phase

The possibility of sensational transgression within the human body can open doors for us to deepen our understanding of intra-human sensational dynamism, how our feelings are simulated and interconnected. Further, it also offers a new way to relate to others.


The road was lit with moon and star

Emily Dickinson

The Road was lit with Moon and star —

The Trees were bright and still —

Descried I — by the distant Light

A traveler on a Hill —

To magic perpendiculars

Ascending, though terrene —

Unknown his shimmering ultimate —

But he indorsed the sheen —

Unbearable heat causes painful sensations. 

Can we create interchangeability between humans by stimulating sensations? Can we build a real connection with each other by feeling the other’s pain? And awaken people to the fact that the ecological breakdown we face now is a human-shared tragedy. 


Maybe go even one step further, and remind ourselves that humans and non-human beings share the same pre-coded biological core structure as well, and we are fated to share the same biological destiny. A destiny that doesn’t seem too bright, for now.

But we still have time. And there is hope. The hope is kindly forecasted by Emily Dickinson in her poem- “The road was lit with moon and star.”


We will actualize this hope and present you the first climate-consciousness dedicated art exhibition in the Netherlands: but, s/he indorsed the sheen.


The Road was lit with Moon and star —

The Trees were bright and still —

Descried I — by the distant Light

A Traveller on a Hill —

To magic Perpendiculars

Ascending, though Terrene —

Unknown his shimmering ultimate —

But he endorsed the sheen —

To visualize the temperature instead of feeling it (nerve cells in the skin that detect temperature differences)-we will create a novel way to allow human travel from different sensations, from visual perception to skin reception and vice versa. To reproduce the feeling of bearing heat without direct contact with high-temperature environments.

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