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Sirius Initiative will be an ongoing open project. We will keep involving different contributors touching on diverse climate topics for various geographic locations. We will follow the swarming model; the whole team will co-create the exhibition, each participant with full autonomy to develop their idea while synchronizing with the core vision of Sirius Initiative – active climate-conscious social change!


For the coming exhibition But, s/he indorsed the sheen in Vrij Paleis, Amsterdam, 09/07/2022-22/07/2022, the contributors are:


wumen is the founder of Sirius Initiative. She holds a Master’s degree in Material Science, a Ph.D. in Fluoridated Chemistry from Politecnico di Milano, Italy, and a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art from the Royal Academy of Arts, Den Haag (KABK), The Netherlands.

She is a member of See Lab and works as a management consultant in McKinsey and Company, providing future-proof sustainability strategies for forward-thinking and leading companies.

As a Mongolian growing up in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China, wumen is a daughter of the grasslands. Everything she holds dear to her heart is a gift from this generous nature.

Multimedia Artist

Juwon Lee is the visual director of the Sirius initiative.  She lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Juwon is interested in the development of technology, the process of consumption, reproduction, and distribution of images from digital culture. She explores and questions the impact of those processes on our lives, mainly based on digitized virtual images.

She studied at Kaywon School of Art and Design in South Korea and finished her second BA at the Royal Academy of Arts, Den Haag (KABK), Netherlands.  

Web Developer, VR Designer

Kirill Zakomoldin is a multimedia artist and designer based in Amsterdam, specializing in AR, VR, and new media design.

Kirill is a multidisciplinary artist who combines analog and digital mediums. His projects take roots in Kirill’s position as an international designer and a frequent traveler, allowing him to study and experience often diverse perspectives. Those notably different outlooks allow Kirill to connect elements in unique ways while embracing his view on the subject.

Graphic Designer

Selina Landis is a graphic designer based in The Hague, Netherlands. Her work ranges from editorial design to visual identities, digital applications and poster design, mainly in the fields of art, culture and science.

She graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts, Den Haag (KABK) and joined the artist run space ‘Trixie’. Selina is interested in the translation of materiality and craft though the use various medias.

Sound Artist


Aeriform is a sound artist based in berlin. 

His approach to sound is mixing weightless feelings with natural elements through experimentation.

Finding inspiration in nature and technology there is a main focus on melting these two worlds together and creating a dialogue between organic and artificial worlds.

Multidisciplinary designer & artist 

Trang Ha

Trang Ha (1996, VN/NL) is a multidisciplinary designer and artist based in The Hague, The Netherlands.


She uses the languages of design to observe and address cultural complexities presented in modern society. Trang spends her time researching various edible materials to unravel their hidden socio-historical narratives and agencies.


In her practice, she also underlines the importance of collaboration and "contamination," a crucial approach to creating new and inclusive designs/artworks. Trang finished her BA in Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, in 2020.       

Visual and Word Artist 

Yota Karas

Yota can usually be found reading, or drawing, or stitching, or making – things – food – conversation,
preferably in a space with quiet and a view of the sky and some trees, when possible the moon.

misses seeing the southern cross

enjoys playing with punctuation


really likes peaches, and tomatoes.

Cross-disciplinary Artist

Frans van Hoek

Frans van Hoek (1995, ZA/NL) is an artist based in The Hague.


Growing up in the Karoo desert, his practice explores phenomena through layering multiple temporal lenses. Pre/post history, evolutionary biology, the macro-flows of physics, micro-flows of poetic moments, searching for a synthesis, flows of information inbetween, a sparkling alignment shimmering through.

After flirting with astrophysics at the University of Cape Town and completing a BA in psychology and literature at Brown University, Frans is integrating these forces at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (and cannot make decisions if his feet are too warm).

Visual Artist Duo 

Naked Sandwich 

Naked Sandwich is the name of the artist duo Natalia Irena Nikoniuk and Bo Wielders.

They both graduated from the sculpture department at the Royal Academy of Arts, Den Haag (KABK) in 2021.


What brought their practices together was an excitement for writing and a desire to explore the role of collectivity within an artistic process.


They finished the academy with an experimental theater play (Rehearsal, 2021)  and since then have been developing their writing practices and growing an interest in audio.

Artist and Anthropologist

Ferdinand Waas

Ferdinand Waas (1998,DE) is an artist and anthropologist based in The Hague, Netherlands. 


Ferdinand‘s artistic practice is circulating around site specific story telling.He is drawn to the space of Communication, Interaction with the absence, 

pre and post stages, as well as global structures, invisible infrastructures and creation of images. Finding comfort in research and the methodologies of anthropology. Juggling with humor, sarcasm, playfulness, data, and observation. Sometimes he has hopes for the future.


He studied architecture at the TU Wien and social-cultural anthropology at Universität Wien. Currently studying Fine Arts at the Royal Academy in the Hague.


Kato Allaert 

Kato Allaert is a green urbanist, currently based in the Netherlands. In her work, sustainable cities with happy citizens are the focal point. To achieve this, Kato links the spatial perspective with the social, economic and ecological aspects of cities. To advocate for sustainable urbanism, she often uses visual and written storytelling. 


Kato has a particular interest in food systems and how they affect cities. She’s involved in several urban farming projects at the moment, including a rooftop garden on top of the building she lives in. 


Kato has around 10 years of work experience in different contexts - from academic research to urban design practice and the public sector - and in different countries - the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Belgium. She has a BSc degree from Stockholm University and an MSc degree from the Bartlett School of Planning in London.

Multimedia Artist 

I am interested in how bodily movement affects how we think, see and understand our surroundings. I believe the subjectivity of our thoughts, views, and perspectives is greatly influenced by how we move and express ourselves with the body. I am fascinated by the multisensory space where one not only relies on the sight but acoustic, tactile, olfactory, thermoceptive, and especially the proprioceptive sense - the architecture that allows one to reexamine their bodies, liberate from the outer expectation and physically express themselves with intuition.


When I look at architecture, I pay attention to how people travel from one place to another, and how they position themselves in space. My works revolve around the theme of embodied cognition, corporeal perception, and multisensory space with various media including sculptures, moving images, and spatial installations on different scales.

Multi-disciplinary Artist 

Alydia Wever

Alydia Wever is a multi-disciplinary artist, performer, choreographer & producer currently living and working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 


Wever's oeuvre, which spans over a decade, focuses on the body as a vessel for expression and expansion on questions around our understanding of cultural heritage, social, anthropological, community, and identity. The expressiveness of each instinctive-conceptual work defines different assignments and interactive performances to cross boundaries to create connections between fundamental questions and dialogues that can transcend people’s individual, cultural and spiritual differences. This conceptual way of experimentation and progressiveness creates the visualization of a curated and non-curated experiment with the body as the metaphor. 


Alydia has produced large-scale multidisciplinary art performances & exhibitions, such as Anthropical for the 13thBienal of Havana, Cuba in 2019, Muhe Frida (The Woman Frida – Kahlo, 2011), One in Soul (2008), and Energia Interno (Innerly Energy, 2004). Each one is a prominent process, with a three-dimensional amplitude, by collaborating with many different (art) disciplines as forms of experimentation; as to give the spectator a more interesting way to look at the world.

Architect & Designer 

Studio ARFA 

Studio ARFA is founded by Ebru Güner & Courteney Reitz. Both graduated from the Interior Architecture and Furniture Design department at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Ebru continues to develop her interest by studying a master in Architecture at the Amsterdam University of Arts.


Studio ARFA is a design studio, based in Sassenheim, that works across the disciplines of art, design, and architecture.The studio creates spatial installations and objects by reinterpreting and researching atmospheric material expressions. This search wants to inspire the potential exploration of varying sustainable thinking methods.

Visual Artist 

Gus Drake

Gus Drake is a Dutch American artist, graduate of the Royal Art Academy in The Hague in 2022. His work hovers between reality and surreality, fiction and documentary.  He explores the interrelationship between humans and the environment. Through making the invisible visible, he aims to capture a world full of paradoxes.

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